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Episode 11 · 7 months ago

Billy The Kid: Was He Really Murdered?


Henry McCarty was orphaned at the age of 15. His first arrest was for stealing food, at the age of 16, in late 1875. Ten days later, he robbed a Chinese laundry and was again arrested, but escaped shortly afterward. He fled from New Mexico Territory into neighboring Arizona Territory, making himself both an outlaw and a federal fugitive. In 1877, McCarty began to call himself "William H. Bonney". Two versions of a wanted poster dated September 23rd, 1875, refer to him as "Wm. Wright, better known as Billy the Kid".


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to connect the conspiracy with your host, Larry Lease. Join it. He dives into some of the biggest conspiracies in history and attempts to separate fact from a fiction. Welcome to connect the conspiracy podcast. I'm your host, larrying lease. In today's episode we're diving into billy the kid. Was He eventually shot, shot to dead, or did you manage to escape and live a long life and die old age? We will discuss that today, but first we think our sponsor, Pundix, or sponsoring this episode. Check them out today. UPUN dexcom. Use the Promo Code Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your order. Henry McCarty was orphaned at the age of fifteen. It's first arrest was for stealing food at the age of sixteen in late eighteen seventy five. Ten days later he rubbed a Chinese laundry and was again arrested, but escaped shortly afterward. He fled from New York, or, excuse me, New Mexico territory and the neighboring Arizona territory, making himself both an outlaw and a federal fugitive. In eighteen seventy seven he began to call himself willing H Bonnie. Two versions of a wanted post of David September...

...twenty three eighteen seventy five for refer to him as WM right, better known as billy the kid. Henry McCarty was born to parents of Irish Catholic ancestry, Catherine and Patrick McCarty, New York City. While his birth year has been confirmed as eighteen fifty nine, the exact date of his birth has been disputed as either September seventeen or November twenty three of that year. Letter from an official of St Pete's Church in Manhattan States it is in possession of records showing him he was baptized there on September twenty eighth eighteen fifty nine, since his records indicate that a younger brother, Joseph McCarty, was born in eighteen sixty three. Following the death of her husband Patrick, Catherine and her son's move to Indianapolis, Indiana, where she met William Henry Harrison Antrim. The family moved with him to which Tom King's is eighteen seventy after moving again a few years later, Catherine married him on March first eighteen seventy three, the first Presbyterian Church at Santa Fe, New Mexico territory. Mccarti and his brother Joseph were witnesses to the ceremony. Shortly afterward the family moved from Santa Fe to Silver City, New Mexico, and Joseph McCarty began using the name Joseph Entry. Shortly before her, his mother, Catherine, died of tuberculosis, then called consumption, on September sixteen eighteen seventy four. William abandoned the mccarti boys, leaving them orphans. McCarty was fifteen years old when his mother died. Sarah Brown, the owner of a boarding house, gave him room and board in exchange for work. Once apturt September sixteen, eighteen seventy five, McCarty was caught stealing food. Ten days later, McCarty and George Schaffer round the Chinese laundry, stealing clothing and two pistols. McCarty was charged with death...

...and was jailed. He escaped two days later became a fugitive, as reported in the Silver City Herald the next day, the first story published about mccarti. Located his stepfather and stay with him until enterm through him out, mccarti stole clothing and guns from him. It was the last time the to saw each other. After leaving, mccarti traveled to southeastern Arizona Territory, where he worked as a ranchant and gambled his wages in nearby gaming houses. In eighteen seventy six he was hired as a ranchamp by wellknown rancher Henry Hooker. During this time a Carti became a quaint acquainted, excuse me, with John R macky, Scottish born criminal and former US calvary private who, following discharge, remained there in US army post at Camp Grant in Arizona. The two men soon began stealing horses from a local soldiers. Mccarti became known as Kid Antram because of his youth, slip build and Clean Shaven appearance of personality. On August seventeen thousand eight hundred seventy seven, McCarty was in a saloon in the village of Bonita when he got into an argument with Francis P Windy K Hill, a blacksmith who reportedly had billy come bullied MC carte and on more than one incasion called him a pimp. Mc Carte in turn called K hill son of a bitch, where upon cahill through mcrti to the floor and the too struggled form cartiers revolver. Mccartis shot and mortally wounded K hill. A witness said billy had no choice. He had to use his equalizer. The man died the following day. Billy fled, but returned a few days later and it's apprehended by miles wood, the local justice of the peace. Billy was detained and held in the Camp Grant Guardhouse, but escape before law enforcement could arrive. M cartis stolen horse and fled Arizona territory for New Mexico, but Apachees took the horse from him, leaving him to walk many miles to the nearest settle at work staton and at Picos Valley. Billy, starting a near...

...death, went to the home of friend and seven Rivers Warrior game member John Jones, whose mother, Barbara nursed him back to hell. After regaining his health, billy went to patch a Tahoe, a former army post, where he joined a hand a band of wrestlers who rated herds owned by cattel magnet John Chisholm in Lincoln County. After billy was spotted in silver city, his involvement with the game was mentioned in a local newspaper. At some point. One Thousand Eight hundred and seventy seven, billy began to refer to himself by the name William H Bunny. Billy and three under survivors of the battle of Lincoln or near the SCALERO Indian agency. When the agency bookkeeper, Morris Bernstein, was murdered on August fifth eighteen seventy eight. All four were indicted for the murder, despite conflicting evidence that Bernstein had been killed by constable Attancio Martinez. All of the dict minds except billies, were later quashed. On October five eighteen seventy eight, US Marshal John Sherman and formed newly appointed Territoria Governor and former Union Army General Loi Wallace that he held warrants for several men, including William H Atrim, alias Kid alias Bonnie, but was unable to execute them owing to the disturbed condition of affairs in that county resulting from the acts of a desperate class of men. Wallace issued an amnesty proclamation on November thirteen, eighteen seventy eight, which pardoned anyone involved in the Lincoln County war since tonstall's murder. Its specifically excluded persons who had been convicted of an or indicted for a crime and therefore excluded billy. On February eighteenth eighteen seventy nine, billy and friends Tom who folliard were in Lincoln and watched as attorney Huston Chapman was shot in its corpse and on fire cordy n eye witnesses. The pair were innocent bystandards, forced the gunpoint by Jesse Evans to witness the murder. Billy wrote to Governor Wallace on March thirteenth eighteen seventy nine with an offer to...

...provide information on the Mariger in exchange for amnesty. March fifteenth, Governor Wallace replied, agreeing to a secret meeting to discuss the situation. Mccart mccartea. Billy met with Wallace and Lincoln on Marge Seventeen, eighteen seventy nine. During the meeting, in the subsequent correspondence, Wallace promised billy a protection from his enemies and come and see if he would offer his testimony to a grand jury. On March Twenty Wallace wrote to mccartea quote. To remove all suspicion of understanding, I think it better to put the arresting party in charge of Sheriff Kimbrol, who shall be instricted to see that no violence is used. Billy responded on the same day, agreeing to testify and confirming Wallace's proposal for his arrest and attention in a local jail to assure his safety. On March twenty one, billy let himself be captured by a posse led by Sheriff George Kimball. Lincoln County has agreed billy about it a statement about Chapman's murder and testified in court. However, after Billy's testimony, but local DA refused to set him free, still in custody. Several weeks later, billy began to suspect Wallace had used subterfuge and would never grant him amnesty. Billy escape from the Lincoln County jail on June seventeen thousand eight hundred and seventy nine. Billy avoided further violence until January ten th eighteen eighty, when he shot and killed Joe Grant, a newcomer to the area and Hargroves Saloon and Fort Summer New Mexico. The Santa Fe weekly New Mexican reported quote. Billy Bonnie, more extensively known as a kids, shot and killed Joe Grant. The origin and difficulty was not learned. According to other contemporary sources, Carti had been warned grant intended to kill him. He walked up to grant, told him he admired his revolver and asked to examine it. Grant hited it over before returning the pistol, which he noticed contained only three cartridges billy position the cylinder so the... hammer fall of the land on an empty chamber, Grant Suddenly Post pointed his pistol at billy space and pull the trigger. Want it failed to fire. Carti drew his own weapon and shot grant in the head. Reporter for the Las Vegas Optic quoted Billy as saying the encounter quote was a game of two and I got there first. In eighteen eighty billy formed a friendship with a rancher named Jim Great House, who later introduced him to Dave Rudabam. On November twenty one than eighteen eighty, billy rude moomb Billy Wilson running from a posse led by Sheriff Dept James Carlisle. Cornered at great houses ranch. Billy told the posse that they were holding great house as a hostage. Carlisle offered to exchange places with great house and Billy accepted the offer. Carlisle later attempted to escape by jumping through the window, but it was shot three times in killed. The shootout ended in a standoff. The posse withdrew billy Rudabon Wilson rode away. A few weeks after the Great House incident, Billy Rudabam Wilson Oh Fall Iron Charlie boundary and Tom Pickett road in a fort summer unannounced. The billy and his companions posse led by Pat Garrett was waiting for them. Posse open fire, killing O folliard and the rest of the outlaws escaped unharmed. On December thirteen eighteen eighty, governor wallace posted a five hundred dollar Balny for Billy's capture. Pat Garrett continued to search for it for McCarty. On December twenty three, following the siege and went which boundary was killed. Garrett and his posse captured McCarty, along with picket we're Abon Wilson Ats thinking springs prisoners, including McCarty, was sheckled and taken the fourth summer, then later to Las Vegas, New Mexico. When they arrived on December twenty six, they were met by crowds of curious onlookers. The following day and armed...

...mob gathered at the train depot before the prisoners, who are already on board the train with Garrett departed for Santa Fe. Deputy share for a marrow back by the angry group of men demanded custody of Dave Rut of Ba who, during an access with successful escape on April, fived eighteen eighty shop and killed deputy and Tonio about this. In the process, garent refused to surrender the prisoner, and it tends confromstration confrontation and it suited until he agreed to let the sheriff and the two other men accompany the party to Santa Fe, where they would eventually petition the governor to release order bought to them. And I later interview with a reporter really said he was unafraid during the incident, saying, quote, if I only had my winchester, I like the whole crown. Las Vegas Gazette right in a story from a jail I was interview following Billy's capture. The reporter said Bonnie appeared relaxed, he refined, replying quote. What's the use of looking on the gloomy side of everything? Laugh saw me this time. During a short career as an outlaw, billy was the subject of numerous US newspaper articles, some as part of a way as New York. After arriving in Santa Fe, Billy Seeking Clemency Sant Governor Wallace for letters over the next three months. Wallace refused to intervene and billy went to try out. In April eighty one eighteen eighty one in thessalona, New Mexico. Following two days and testimony, billy was found guilty of Sheriff Brady's murder. It was the only connection secured against any of the combatants and the Lincoln County War. On April Thirteen, Judge Warren Bristol Sentence Billy to hang. This execution schedule from me thirteen eighteen eighty one. Courting a legend and Pun sentencing. The judge told billy he was going to hang until he was dead, dead, dead. Billy's response was you can go to hell, hell, hell. According to the historical record, he did not speak after the reading of the sentence. Following in sentencing, billy was moved to Lincoln where...

...he was held under guard on the top floor of the town courthouse. On the evening of April eight eighteen eighty one, while Garrett was in white oaks collecting taxes, deputy Bob Bull Leaner took five other prisoners across the street from meal, leading leaving. James Bell, another deputy, low with billy at the jail. Billy asked to be taken outside to use the out house behind the Court House. On their return to the jail, billy, who was walking ahead, a bell up the stairs of his cell, hit around a blind corner, slipped down to his handcuffs and beat bell with the loose end of the cuffs. During the scuffle billy grant bell's Revival Revolver and faintly shot him in the back. As Bell trying to get away, billy, with his legs still shackled, broken the Garrett's office and took a loaded shotgun and left behind byoling. Billy waited the upstairs window for alling her respond to the gunshot that killed bill and called out to him like up old boy and see what you get. When he looked up, Bonnie shot and killed him. After about an hour, billy freed himself in the leg irons with an axe. He obtained a horse and rode out of town. According to some stories, he was singing as he left Lincoln. All Billy was on the run. Governor Wallace placed a new five hundred dollar bounty on the fugitive's head. Almost three months after the escape, Garrett is sponging a rumors that current he was in the vicinity of Fort Sumner left left Lincoln with two deputies on July fourteen, one thousand eight hundred and eighty one. The question resident Pete Maxwell, a friend of Billy's, Maxwell, son of Land Baron Lucy and Maxwell spoke with Garrett the same day for several hours. Round midnight. A pair sat in Maxwell's dark and bedroom when billy unexpectedly entered. Accounts Vary as the course of events. According to the candical version, as he entered the room, billy failed to recognize Garrett due to the poor lighting. Drawing the revolver and backing away, billy asked key iness keyanes. Recognizing billy voice, Garrett...

...drew a revolver and fired twice. The first bullet struck billy in the chest, just above his heart, while the second missed Grett. Account leaves it unclear. With them billy was killed instantly. I took some time to die. Few hours after the shooting. A local justice of the piece some of the corners jury of six people. The jury members interviewed Maxwell and Garrett and Billy's body. A location is shooting was examine the journey certified the body at Billy's according to a local newspaper, the jury foreman said, quote, it was the kids body that we've examined. Billy was given a weight by candle light. He was buried the next day and grave was denoted with a wooden marker. Five days after Billy's killing, Garrett traveled the Santa Fe New Mexico to collect the five hundred dollar reward offered by governor loss for his captured, dead or last Willy Rich, the acting new Mexican, or Mexico, Governor, refused to pay the reward. Over the next few weeks, the residents of Las Vegas, Masilla, Santa Fe, whie oaks another New Mexico cities raised over Sevenzero and we wore money for Garrett. A year and four days after Billy's death, the New Mexico territory and legislator passed a special act to grant Garrett the five hundred dollar bounty reward promised by governor walls. Because people have begun to claim Garrett unfairly ambushed billy. Garrett felt the need to tell his side of the story. Called upon his friend journalist Marshall ups in the ghost write a book form. The book the othetic life of billing the kid was first published in a Po one thousand eight hundred and eighty two, although only a few companies soul following its release and time it became a reference for later historians who wrote about Billy's life. Over time, legends grew claiming that billy was not killed in that Garrett stage the incident and death out of friendship, so that billy made the law during the next fifty years and number men claimed they were billy the kid. Most of these claims were easily disproven,...

...but to every main topics of discussion in debate. In one thousand nine hundred and forty eight, a central Texas man, ally Roberts, also known as brushy Billy Roberts, began claiming who's billy the kid and went before New Mexico governor Thomas Maybury seeking apart maybe dismissed Roberts claims, and Roberts died shortly afterward. Nevertheless, he cood Texas. Robertstown residents capitalized on his claim by opening billy the kid using John Miller. Arizona man also claimed to be billy this was unsupported by his family. Util one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight, sometime after his death, Miller bobby was buried in the state owned Arizona Pioneers Home Cemetery in Prescott, Arizona. Miller's teeth and bones were exumed in examine without permission from the state. DNA samples from the remains were sent to all and I have Dallas tested to compare Miller's DNA. Blood simples attained from floor boards and the Old Lincoln County courthouse and a bench where billy's buddy allegedly was placed after we shot. According to a two thousand and fifteen article in the Washington Post, the lab results were useless. In two thousand and four, researchers sought to exhume the remains of Catherine Introim, Billy's mother, who's doing DNA would be tested and compared with that the body buried in William Bonnie's grand as of two thousand and twelve, her body had not been zoomed. In Two Thousand and seven, author, an amateur historian, Gail Cooper, filed the lawsuit against the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office under the State Inspection of Public Records Act produce records of the results of two thousand and sixty eight eight tests and other friends of evidence collected in the billy the kid investigations. In April two thousand and twelve, one hundred and thirty three pages of documents were provided. They offered no conclusive evidence confirming or disproving the generally accepted story of guarant's killing...

...of billy, but confirm the records existence, and then they could have been produced earlier. Two Thousand and fourteen, Cooper was awarded one hundred thousand dollars and unity damages, but the decision was a later overturned by the New Mexico Court of Appeals. Lawsuit Ultimately Cost Lincoln County nearly three hundred thousand dollars. In two thousand and fifteen, historian Robert Stall petition to District Court Fort Summer asking the state of New Mexico to issue a death certificate for Billy. In Two thousand and fifteen, stall filed suit and the New Mexico Supreme Court. The suit asked the court to order the state's Office of mental medical investigator to officially certify Billy's death under New Mexico State Law. Is he dead with a killed or did the escape and eventually die of old age? Gave me some comments in the common section below it. We're send us a tweet at CTC podcast one and let's discuss. There's a topic you want to hear about, let me know you know. Start a new episode about it. Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform and support the channel by buying us a copy, and buy me a copycom slash CTC podcast and is always. Please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel. Thank you for listening and we will see you next time. You've been watching connect the conspiracy with your host. I'll let me release follow us on twitter at CTC podcast one and on facebookcom slash connect the conspiracy. You can also find us on Insta, ram at connect the conspiracy. If you like. You can support the show by buying us a coffee at buy me a coffeecom CTC podcast. Thank you for joining us.

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