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Episode 1 · 7 months ago

Cold War Coverup: Shootdown of KAL Flight 007


Korean Air Lines Flight 007 (KE007/KAL007) was a scheduled Korean Air Lines flight from New York City to Seoul via Anchorage, Alaska. On September 1st, 1983, the South Korean airliner servicing the flight was shot down by a Soviet Sukhoi Su-15 interceptor. The Boeing 747 airliner was en route from Anchorage to Seoul, but due to a navigational mistake made by the KAL crew, the airliner deviated from its original planned route and flew through Soviet prohibited airspace around the time of a U.S. aerial reconnaissance mission.


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...deck first class, while on business class almost all the twenty four seats were taken. An economy class, approximately eighty seats were empty. There were twenty two children under the age of twelve years of board. One hundred thirty passengers plan to connect and other destinations such as Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taipei. US Congressman Larry McDonald from Georgia, who was at the time was also the second president of the conservative John Birch Society, was on board. After taking up from Anchorage, the flight was instructed by air traffic control to turn to a heading of two hundred and twenty degrees. Approximately Ninety seconds later, ATC directed the flight to proceed direct Beth al one able upon arriving over Bethel Alaska. Flight series, there are seven entered the northernmost of five hundred fifty mile wide airways known as North Pacific routes that bridge the Alaskan Japanese coast. Zero. There are seventh particular airway. Our twenty pass is just seventeen point five miles from what was Soviet air space off the coast of the Cam Chuco Peninsula. The autopilot system of the forty seven has four basic control modes, heading, VR, ions and ions. The hitting mode maintained a constant magnetic course selected by the pilot. VR Mode maintain the plane on a specific course transmated from a Vor the localizer beacon selected by the pilot. Ions mode caused the plane to track both vertical and lateral course beacons which land to a specific runway selected by the pilot. The is mode maintained the plane on lateral course lines between selected flight plane weight points program but into the ions computers navigation system, which would properly programmed with the file flight plane weight points. The pilot can turn the autopilot mode selectors which the position the plane with an automatically track the...

...programmed I s course line, provided the plane was headed in the proper direction and within seven point five miles of that course line. If, however, the plane was one and seven point five miles from the flight plane the course line, the top pilot turned auto pilot mode selector from heading to Ius. The plane would continue to attract the heading selected in hitting mode as long as the actual position the plane was more than seven point five miles from the programmed in ins course line. The autopilot computer software commanded the INS mode to remain in the armed condition till a plane had moved to a position less seven point five miles from the desired course line. Once that happened, the INS mode would change from armed to capture. The plane would track the flight plane chorus. From then on, the heading mode of the autopilot would normally be engaged sometime after takeoff to comply with vectors from ATC and then, after receiving appropriate ATC clearance, the guide the plane to intercept it as desired in s course line. The Anchorage Vio r beacon was not operational because of maintenance. The crew received a notice the airmen, I'm just fact, which was not seen as a problem as the captain could still check his position at the next bore tach beacon at Bethel, three hundred forty six miles away. The aircraft was required to maintain the assigned heading up two hundred and twenty degrees. Still. It could receive the signals from Bethel then get fly directly to Bethel, as instructed by ATC, by centering the Vo to course deviation indicator and then engaging an autopilot in the vor mode. Then, whenever the Bethel beget in, the flight could start using its mode to follow the weight points that make up Route Romeo twenty around the coast of the USSR too. Sooul the INS mode was necessary for this route, since after Bethel the plane would be mostly out of range. From what we're stations, at about ten minutes after takeoff, flying on a heading of two hundred and forty five degrees, flight zeroes or seven, begin to deviate to the right of it's a signed route to Bethel...

...and continue to fly on this constant ending for the next five and a half hours. International Civil Aviation Organization simulation and analysis of the flight data recorder determined that this deviation is probably caused by the aircraft's autopilot system, which was operating, according to them, in the hitting mode after the point that it should have been switched to the IUS mode. According to the Ice Ao, autopilot was not operating in the inus mode either because the crew did not switch the autopilot to the ions mode as they should have shortly after Cairn Mountain, where they did slick the INS mode, but the computer did not transition from armed to capture condition, because the aircraft had already deviated off track, but more than seven point five miles tolerance permitted by the initial inertial navigation computer. Whatever the reason, autopilot remained in the hitting mode and the problem was not detected by the crew. Twenty eight minutes after takeoff, civilian radar and Kenine Peninsula on the eastern shore of Cook Inlet and with radar coverage hundred seventy five miles west of Anchorage, track flight series or seven five point six miles in north of where it should have been when KL Zeroes are seven did not reach Bethlen. Fifty minutes after takeoff, military radar King Salmon Alaska Track flightsers are seven at twelve point six nautical miles in the north of wore it should have been. There is no evidence to indicate that civil air traffic controlers or military radar Personnela elmador fair force base. We're aware of flightsers there were seven deviation in real time and therefore able to warn the aircraft it had exceeded exp to expected maximum deviation, six bold two nautical miles of air being the maximum expected to drift from the course at the initial inertial navigation system was activated. Like Zeros are seven. Divergence prevented the aircraft from transmitting its position via a shorter range...

...of VHF radio. It therefore requested flight zero one five, also in route to soul, to relay reports it ATC on its behalf. Flight Zeros are are seven requested flight one five to relay its position three times. At two forty three PM. flightsers are seven directly transmitted a change of estimated time of arrival for its next waypoint, Neva, to the International Flight Service Station at Anchorage, but it did so over the law. Your arrange high frequency radio rather than VHF. Hf Transmissions are able to carry a longer distance than Bhf but are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference. In static bhf is clear with less interference and is preferred by flight crews. Inability to establish direct radio communications to be able to transmit their position directly did not alert the pilots's flight Zeros, there were seven. They're ever increasing divergence and was not considered unusual by air traffic controllers. Halfway between Bethel and maybe, flightsers or seven passed through the southern portion of the North American Aerospace Defense Command buffer zone. This zone is north of Romeo twenty and off limits to civilian aircraft. Sometime after leaving American territorial waters, Flag Zeros are seven cross the international dateline or the local date shifted from August thirty one nine hundred eighty three to September firs nineteen eighty three. Flight there was, there were seven. Continued its journey ever increasing its deviation. Sixty nautical miles off course at weight point, maybe hundred nautical miles off course at weight point and Ukks in, a hundred sixty nine wint a coal miles off course at waypoint Neiva, until it reached the Kim Choka Peninsula in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. Cold War tensions between the US and Soviet UN and escalated to a level not seeing since the Cuban missile crisis because of...

...several factors. These included the US strategic defense initiative, its planned deployment at a pershing two weapons system in Europe and fleet x eighty three, hype and want a largest naval exercise held the date and the North Pacific. The military hierarchy of the Soviet Union viewed these actions as Bella coast and destabilizing. They were very deeply suspicious of US president, run readings intentions and openly fearful he was planning a preemptive nuclear strike against the Soviet Union. These beers culminated in rhyme, the code name for a secret intelligence gathering program initiated by Russian leader and Rope poll to detect a potential nuclear snake attack that he believed Reagan was plying. Aircraft from the USS Midway and USS Enterprise repeatedly over flu so meet military installations in the Curl Islands during fleet x eighty three, resulting in dismissal or reprimanding of Soviet military officials who had been unable to shoot them down. On the Soviet side, Ryan was expanded. Lastly, there was a heightened to learn around the canel Choka Peninsula at the time Kel Zeros or seven within the vicinity, because of a Soviet missile test that the KIRA missile test range that was scheduled for the same day. The US Air Force, Boeing our C one hundred and thirty five connaissance aircraft flying in the area was monitoring the missile test off the peninsula at three hundred and fifty one PM. According to Soviet sources, flight zero zero seven entered the restricted airspace of the peninsula. The buffer zone extends two hundred kilometers from the coast and is known as a flight information region. The hundred kilometer radius and the buffer zone nearest the Soviet territory and the additional designation of prohibited airspace on Flight Zeroes are seven, with about a hundred thirty kilometers from the coast. For Mig twenty three finers were scrambled to intercept the Boeing seven hundred and forty seven. Significant Command and control...

...problems were experienced trying to vector the vast military jets on the sehundred and forty seven before they ran out of fuel. In addition, the pursuit was made more difficult, according to Soviet Air Force Captain Xanders Zooev, who defected to the West in one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, because ten days before, art gales had knocked out the key warning radar on the peninsula. Furthermore, he stated that local officials responsible for repairing the radar high the Moscow, falsely reporting that they had successfully fixed the radar, and this radar been AP operational. It would have enabled an intercept at the straight airliner roughly two hours earlier, with plenty of time for proper identification as a civilian aircraft. Instead, the unidentified jetliner crossed over to the peninsula, back in the international airspace, over the Sea of a coast, without being intercepted. In its explanation to sixty minutes. It's the Yo stated some people aligned to Moscow trying to save their asses. Commander of the Soviet Far East District Air Defense Forces, General Valerie Kaminski, was adamant that fight zero or seven was to be destroyed, even over neutral waters, but only after positive identification showed it not to be a passenger plane. His subordinate general, and a totally I'm just going to call on Anatoly K for his last Naim, commander of so called Air Base and later to become commander of the Russian Air Force, insisted that there was no need to make positive identification as the intruder had already flown over the peninsula. General K to Military District Headquarters said, quote, simply destroy it, even if it's over neutral waters. Are the orders to destroy it over neutral waters? Oh well, Kamenski, we must find out. Maybe it is some civilian craft or God knows who comic what's the Villian has flown over...

...the coast. It came from the ocean. Without identification. I am giving the order attack if it crosses the state border. Units of the Soviet Air Defense Forces have been tracking the South Korean aircraft for more than an hour and while entered in it left Soviet air space. Now classify the aircraft as a military target. Re entered the airspace over a suckling. After protracted ground controlled interception, the three see fifteen fighters and the e twenty three managed to make visual contact with the Boeing but, due to the black of night, failed to make critical identification of the aircraft, which Russian communications refeat reveal. A pilot of the lead Su fifteen fire fire warning shots with the with its cannon, but we call later in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one quote, I fired four bursts, more than two hundred rounds, for all the good it did. After all, I was loaded with armor piercing shells, on incendiary shells. It's doubtful whether anyone could see them at this point. Flight Series or seven contact in Tokyo Area Control Center requesting clearance to ascend to a higher level for reasons of fuel economy. Their request was granted. So the Boeing started to climb, gradually slowing as it exchange speed for out to. The crease in speed caused the pursuing fighter to overshoot the Boeing. It was inner interpreted by the Soviet pilot as an evasive maneuver in order to shoot flight. Zeros or seven down was given as it was about to leave. So we at airspace for the second time at around eighteen twenty six. Under pressure, pressure from General Cornicov and ground control is not to let the aircraft escape in international airspace, the lead fighter was able to move back into a position where it fired to Kaight air to air missiles at the plane. As a result of Cold War tensions, the search and rescue operations of the Soviet Union we're not coordinated with those of the US, South Korea and Japan. Consequently,... information was shared and each side endeavored to harass or obtain evidence to impepe the other. The flight data recorders were the key piece of evidence sought by both governments, with the US assisting an independent observer from the ICAO be present on one of its search vessels in the event that they were found. International boundaries are not well defined on the open sea, leading to numerous confrontations between a large number of posing naval ships that were assembled in the area. The Soviet did not acknowledge shooting down the aircraft until September six, five days after the flight was shot down. Eight days after the show shootdown, Marshall of the Soviet Union in Chief of General Staff and Nicklent Ogre Cog denied knowledge of where flight zero s seven had gone down, saying, quote, we could not give the precise answer about the spot where it fell because we ourselves did not know the spot in the first place. Nine years later, the Russian Federation handed over transcripts of Soviet military communications that showed it at least two documented in search and rescue missions were ordered within a half hour of the attack to the last, so we verify the location of the descending jumbo jet from Montering Island. The first search was ordered from Samik Air Base and Central Suck Colin at one thousand eight hundred and forty seven, nine minutes after the Flight Zeros, they were seven, had disappeared from Soviet radar screens and brought rescue helicopters and Soviet border troop boats to the area. The second search was ordered eight minutes later by deck you, deputy commander the Far East, during military district, General Strogov, and involved civilian trawlers that were in the area around, quote, the border guards. which ships do we now have near Modern Island? But there are civilians, send them there immediately. The island is just four point five million starry, four point five miles long, three point...

...five miles wide, located twenty four miles due west of sucking island. Is it a conspiracy or not? Leaving some comments and messages on twitter, at CTC podcast one or in the comment section below. There's a topic you want to hear about, let me know. No, prepare episode about it without holding you longer. Hit that like buttons. Subscribe to the channel, subscribe to the podcast on all major podcast platforms and support the show by buying us a coffee at buy me a coffeecom CTC podcast. Thank you so much for watching and listening, and we'll see you next time. You've been watching. Connect the conspiracy with your host. Let you alease follow us on twitter at CTC podcast one, and on facebookcom s last can act the conspiracy. You can also find us on instem at connect the conspiracy. If you like, you can support the show by buying us a coffee at buy me a coffeecom CTC podcast. Thank you for joining us.

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