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Connect The Conspiracy

Episode 8 · 6 months ago

Pope John Paul I Murder


Discrepancies in the Vatican's account of the events surrounding Pope John Paul I's death – its inaccurate statements about who found the body; what he had been reading; when, where, and whether an autopsy could be carried out – produced a number of conspiracy theories, many associated with the Vatican Bank, which owned many shares in Banco Ambrosiano.


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I'm your host, release and today's episode we're dumb into murder of Pope John Paul. But first we I have to think our sponsor, pod decks, for sponsoring this episode. What is pot next, you ask? There's a Greek question. Pod Dick so hot US new tool for podcasters looking at more meaningful conversations or just Gamba FY the podcast. The simply shuffle up, ask a question. That the content role. You can get yours today pundiscom. Use Code Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your order. They even have a digital deck based on conspiracy theories. And now let's dive into our main topicscripancies in the Vaticans at Candy, the events surrounding Pop John Paul First Death. It's inaccurate statements about who found the body what he had been reading. When we're whether or not topsy you could be carried out, produced a number of conspiracy theories, many associated with the Vatican Bank, which owned many shares... bacco and Rachiano a paulogies were saying these names wrong. Some conspiracy theorist connected death of John Paul in September nineteen seventy eight, with the image of the quote bishop dressed in White, said to have been seen by Lucia Santos and her cousins Francisco Marteau during the visitations of our lady of Fatima in nineteen seventeen. And a letter to a colleague, John Paul had said he was deeply moved by mint meeting her in bad to perform the consecration of Russia in accordinance with her vision. Pope John Paul the first died suddenly in September nineteen seventy eight, thirty three days after his election, following contradictory reports about the circumstances of his death and apparent anomalies about to issue me the death certificate in other procedures, several conspiracy theories of game currency. Many of the he's concerned...

...the serious corruption in the Vatican Bank, possibly linked to freemasonry, which is forbidden by Church Law. So far none of these claims have been substantiated. So there are a number of conspiracy theories that exist surrounding Pope John Paul. First, I think ounce other than JFK's assassination. Lincoln's assassination is probably one of the topics has a lot of conspiracy theories. But first we're going to take a look at David Yellow. David Ells, nineteen eighty four book and God's name, proposed the theory that the pope had been in, quote, potential danger because the corruption in the Vatican Bank, the Vaticans most powerful financial institution, which owned many shares in Bunco and Braunciano. The VACUAN Bank, lost about a quarter of a billion dollars. The corruption was real and it is known that involved the Bank's head, Bishop Paul markedness, along with Roberto...

Calvy of the Banco Benko and Braciano markedness, at the time head of the Vatican Bank. Wasn't that it in Italy nineteen eighty two as a necessary in the three point five billion collapse of the bank. Calvie was a member of P two, in illegal Italian Masonic Lodge. He was found dead in London nineteen eighty two after pear disappearing just before the corruption became public. Like his death and initially ruled a suicide, and a second inquest ordered by his family then returned an open verdict. Upon publication to his book, Yellow agreed to donate every penny he made from sales to a charity of the Vatican's choice if they agreed to investigate a central claim that, when the body of the pope was discovered, is contorted hand gripped a piece of paper that was later destroyed because it named high ranking members of the Curia who are freemasons and others who had a roll on numerous corruption scandals and the laundering of Mafia drug money.

One of the names believed to be on the paper was that of Bishop Paul Markiness, who was later promoted by Pope John Paul the second, the probe president of Vatican City, making him the third most powerful person in the Vatican after the pope, in the secretary of state. None of yelps claims, which are unproven, has thus farm and acknowledged by the Vatican, although yellow disclosed a number of Masonic Lodge members from the Caya, whom he alleged to be freemasons. Within the pages of his book, there's a Papal Band of freemasonry and it is forbidden by church in law for a Roman Catholic to be a freemason. Yellow specifically summarize it his conspiracy theory. In his book, three Archbishops Markiness, villain a lot and cody conspired with three mafia types, Kelvysi, Dolna and Gilly, if I'm saying that right, and the murder...

...of John Paul first quote. It was clear that these six men had a great deal to fear with the pavacy of John Paul the first should continue. All of them stood to gain in variety of ways with John Paul first should suddenly die. In his book, deep in the night, British historian and Johnason journalist, excuse me, John Cornwell, examines and challenges yellows points of suspicion. Yell some murder theory requires that the pope's body be found at for thirty or for fourty five am, one hour earlier than official reports estimated. He based this on an early story by Vatican radio in the Italian news service and said that garbled the time and misrepresented the layout of the people apartments. Yeah, EPI says he had testify testimony from sister and sends a tough around the nun who found the pope's body to this effect but refused to show cornwell hit the transcripts and as we continue to go through all these conspiracy theories,...

I apologize for saying these names right. Not good with Italian. So next up theologian amb a George's dementis. He spent much of his life building a case for murder against the Vatican, collecting statement from statements from people who knew the pope before and after his election. His writings go into detail about the banks and John Paul's supposed discovery of a number of freemason priests in the Vatican, along with a number of its proposed reforms and devotion to our lady of Fatimah. Next up we have the scene Gregor. Greg or builds on his for runners, benefiting from events not available to the others when they wrote their books. Quote. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my predecessors. Had Yell up not laid at the blueprint at Cornwall not told the truth, and man had not struck on the plot, I could have never been I...

...could have never written my book. I'll rote Manhattan lead the CIA to the murder of John Paul, the first. Quote. The CIA resolved to destroy John Paul, the first before he would destroy a Vatican subservient to the will of the US. In September one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, with the growing likelihood that US President Jimmy Carter would cut off funds too strong men and a stagia so Mosa, the CIA feared they can Braga fell to them, Marxists and the Nisa's. The US would soon be looking at a half dozen many Cubans, and Central America just set back. DIED CIA covert agent, the Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal John Cody, visited the Polish Cardinalal later to become John Paul the second, and crack out during the papacy of John Paul the first. What Greg or brings to the table? It's a complete record of the courts that tried to bink scandal from the transaction that took place on October twenty six, nineteen seventy eight, six days after John Paul the...

...second took office. which investor was first contacted on September fifteen, nineteen seventy eight, midway through the Papacy John Paul the first to the last transaction in nineteen eighty one, and Benko and Rasciano was caught funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to the Vatican Bank, to Nicaragua and Panama to the benefit of Sabosa and the contrast to a letter stent solidarity. Hence Gregor's conspiracy theory, quote to conspiracy that plane the Vetican Bank scandal was the same conspiracy that planted the murder of John Paul the first. And now the trident team mass. According to the Catholic traditionalist movement organization, their founder of Friar Gomard de Paul, was to have gone to Rome to help John Paul the first, re established trudent, try to team mass. He stayed in on the fifteen anniversary of...

...the pope's death. Well, I tell you one thing. If you had remained pope, you would you wouldn't have me here at the chapel because with that beautiful official letters signed by the Secretary of state almost also came in unofficial message that I've been to start packing my suitcase, that there was a job waiting for me in Rome, in the Vatican to help Pope John The fault, Paul the first, bring the truth back to the church. Well, it wasn't to be in the Lord, who knows what he does, obviously wanted me to be in this chapel. What was I going to do in Rome? Well, let's just forget about it. Other prominent traditional to have, like websites not related to CETM, have suggested that John Paul first may have been assassinated to prevent the restoration of the mass. In his two thousand and seventeening book, the Godmother Mandre Pascalina, Riar Charles Murr, writes about...

...the coincidence that poked on Paul at first had attempted to discipline Cardinal Sebastiano, as you who appointed many liberal bishops, including later that the frocked x Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. In that Cardinal Bassi was the last person I've seen Pope John Paul first alive. And then we take a look at Anthony Raymondi in his book when the bullet hits the bone, published in two thousand and nineteen, Anthony Raymondi, and nephew of Lucky Siano, says he helped his cousin, Archbishop Palm Markingness, kill the pope by putting valium in his teeth and knock him out, then poisoning him with cyanide. The reason given was that John Paul had allegedly threatened to expose the massive stock fraud run by Vatican insiders. Raymondi says that plans were made also assassinated John Paul the second and then leandard decided to expose the fraud. Raymond says that quote. If they take the...

...pope's body and do any type of testing, they will still find tresas the poison in the system. Let us know in the comment section below. Do you think Pope John Paul first was murdered? Let us know. Let us know your theories. As always, you can find us on facebook, twitter, instagram and if you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffey and buy me a coffeecom saw lash CTC podcast and, as always, thank you so much for watching and listening. We will see you next time. You've been watching connect the conspiracy with your host. Let me a lease follow us on twitter at CTC podcast one, and on facebookcom slash connect the conspiracy. You can also find us on Insteim at connected conspiracy. If you like, you can support the show by buying us a coffee at buy me a coffeecom CTC podcast. Thank you for joining us.

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