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Episode 1 · 8 months ago

Princess Diana's Death: Murder or Accident


On the night of 31 August, 1997, something terrible certainly happened: Princess Diana was killed in a fatal car crash in Paris, and the effects would be felt around the world. But that is where the consensus ends.

For some people, what happened that night wasn’t simply a tragic accident. Instead, it was the result of some kind of conspiracy, conducted secretly by agents of the British state or something else, they claim.

Numerous reports, investigations and experts have all agreed with the official account of events: that Diana had been in a car driven by a man who was drunk, and that failing as well as other institutional ones allowed for the tragedy to happen.

But others still believe that something more secretive and intentional happened that night. The conspiracy theories take a number of other forms, but all claim to point to the same fundamental belief: that someone wanted to kill Diana, and they helped orchestrate that night’s fatal crash.

Those conspiracies were so convincing and so widespread – helped by the Daily Express and Egyptian businessman Mohamed al-Fayed – that the Met Police were forced to launch Operation Paget, an inquiry to establish whether there was any truth in the theories. It lasted years, cost millions of pounds – and found that the theories were entirely without foundation, and that all that happened that night was an incredibly unfortunate accident.

But what do you think? Was it murder or just simply and accident. Let us know!! 


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hands. Whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code, Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to connect the conspiracy with your host, Larry Lease. Join it. He dives into some of the biggest conspiracies in history and attempts to separate fact from a fiction. Welcome to connect the conspiracy. I'm your host, your whole he's this week we dive into Princess Diana's death. was she murder or was the people's Princess Death just accident? We'll dive in that today. Can Get to the bottom of it, but first I could thank our sponsor sponsoring this episode. You can check up on dexcom. He's a promo cod hi, Larry Twenty one or ten percent off your order. There's always can reach out to us on twitter, facebook, instagram. Just search connect the conspiracy. But now on to Princess Diana's death. After nineteen ninety eight, it was theorized that there was orchestrated criminal conspiracy surrounding the death of Diana, Princess Oils, but are known as the People's Princess. Official investigations in both written in France, found that Diana died in reminer consistent media reports following the fatal car crash in Paris on August thirty one. Nineteen Ninety seven, nineteen ninety nine, French investigation concluded that she died as the result of a crash. The French investigator, Judge Peter Bays Dafon, concluded the Paparazzi were some distance from the Mercedes as to eighty when it crashed and we're not responsible. After hearing evidence that, the British inquest jury in two thousand and eight returned to verdict of unlawful killing by driver Henry Paul and the Paparazzi pursuing the car. The jury's verdict also stated, quote, in addition, that death of this ceased was caused or were contributed to by the fact that the deceased was not wearing a seat belt and by the fact that the Mercedes struck the pillar and the Alma tunnel rather than colliding with something else. Active in disputing the official version of the events was the British tabloid newspaper, The Daily Express, and Egyptian businessman Muhammed Al Fayette, whose son Doughty was Diana's boyfriend at the time and also died in the crash. In two thousand and three, Diana's Butler, but Paul Burl published a note that he claimed had been written by Diana in nine ninety five, in which there are allegations that are former husband was planning a quote accident Diana's car break failure in serious head injury, so that he could marry again. A special Metropolitan Police inquiry team was established in two thousand and four, Operation Padget, headed by Commissioner John Stevens, to investigate the various conspiracies conspiracy theories which led up to the British in quest. This investigation looked into a hundred and seventy five conspiracy claims that had been made by Fayette. Among the witnesses question was Prince Charles, who, in two thousand ...

...and five told Stevens that he did not know about his former wife's note from the One thousand nine hundred and ninety five could not understand why she had these feelings by it, had persistently propounded what were found to be conspiracy theories at the inquest and has repeatedly claimed that he believes his son was murdered with Diane, you know. Now let's take a closer look at Henry Paul, Shall We? There's Heaven Ledge at the driver in the Mercedes pins. Henry Paul was in the pay of a national security service of different versions of the allegations named the country and the security service alternately as Britain, France or the United States. Evidence purported to support this arises mainly from money in his possession at the time of his death and his personal wealth. These allegations are covered in chapter for the operation paget criminal investigation report. Muhammad Alfa in claims that Henry Paul was working for Misix and that they set him up. This inquiry found no evidence Henry Paul was an agent for any security service. Another allegation concerns a rent liability of blood tests carried out which indicated Paul had been drinking before he took controls of the car. French investigators conclusion that Paul was drunk was made on the basis of analysis of blood samples which were said to contain an alcohol level that, according to Jay's September one thousand nine hundred and ninety seren in poort, was three times the French legal life. This initial analysis was challenged by a British British pathologist hired by Al Fay it. In response, French at the word, he's carried out a third test, this time using the more medically conclusive fighterss fluid from inside the eye, which confirmed the level of alcohol measured by blood and also showed Paul had been taking antidepressants. It had been claimed that the level of alcohol reported to have been found in Paul's blood was inconsistent with the sober demeanor as captured on the CCTV of the Ritztide uning. Professor Robert Forrest, forensic patholog just said that an alcoholic like Paul, with the higher tolerance for alcohol, would be able to appear sober, soberer, and he actually was. The families of doughty fiend and Henry Paul did not accept the findings of the French investigation. It was disclosed in two thousand and six that Lord Stevens had met with Paul's elderly parents, telling them that their son was not drunk, just prior to Steven's appearance at the inquest a source close to Stevens stated that this inconsistency could be explained as him being considerate and sensitive towards the elderly couple, and assessment Scott Baker suggested might be current credible in his open elements to the jury. Under Cross examination of the British inquest in two thousand and eight, Stevens denied deliberately misleading Paul's parents and said that the chauffeur's condition at the time of the crash did not mean meet match, excuse me, the police definition of being drunk, which he said relied upon someone's physical responses. Steven said that the at available evidence suggested Paul had consumed only to alcoholic beverages, but this was not necessarily all that Paul had consumed, and then he was indeed under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash and experts cited in the report estimated that Paul had drunk the equivalent of five measures of Richard, his favorite liquors, flavored French effort, two before driving into French talks. Lab Test Paul was bound half twelve point eight carbon percent carbon monoxide him, a globe and saturation which occurs when blood's iron carrying pigment is bound with carbon monoxide instead of oxygen. Smoker smokers normally have about ten percent bound with carbon monoxide. So the result in Paul's case we're not unusual. Paul had been smoking small cigarrillo cigars in the hours before the crash. Another test back by the opponents of the official findings, show Paul had a carbon monoxide saturation of twenty point seven percent of the time of his death. That result, if accurate, combined with the rate of...

...dispersal carbon monoxide from the blood stream, would have meant the Paul blood and forty percent saturation a few hours earlier and he would garcetly have been able to function at all. In two thousand and nine, it was reported DNA samples confirmed the blood samples with high alcohol levels were indeed from Paul. This was established by comparison with samples provided by Paul's parents, demonstrating that the blood test was that of Paul, and then he had three times the French legal limit of alcohol in his blood. Now we're going to take a closer look at a former Mi six officer by the name of Richard Tomlinson. Richard Tomlinson was a former in my six officer who was dismissed from the intelligence services and later served five months in prison for preaching the Official Secrets Act nineteen eighty nine. Claimed in a sworn statement to the French inquiry in May nineteen ninety nine that Britain's six security am I six, have been involved in the crash, suggesting that the security service had documentation which would assist judge Stephen and his inquiry. The previous August he had been reported by the BBC to have claimed that Paul was working for the security services that wanted Diana's bodyguards. Either Trevor Rees Jones or Quss wingfield was a contact for British intelligence. Thomlinson, the large that Mi six was modering Diana before her death, told Mohammed Alphae and that Paul was an mi six agent and that our death mirrored plans he saw on ninety two for the assassination of then president of Serbia's little bit and momst bitch, using a strobe light to blind his chauffeur. On February thirteen two thousand and eight. Thomlinson told the inquest that he may have misremembered and that in no evidence that Paul was an mi six agent, but he had said in the previous days court session that Paul was applying a Mi six with information. Speaking by video link from France, Tumlinson conceded that, after the interval of sixteen or seventeen years, he could not remember specifically when, of the document he had seen during ninety two had in fact proposed the use of a strobe light to cause a traffic crash as a means of assat the senating Molisovich, although the use all lights for this purpose had been covered in his m six training. The operation paget inquiry was given unprecedented accesses access to the offices of both M mi five and Mi six to investigate Thomminson's claims. It was later revealed that the mentioned memo was a proposal written in March one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, to assassinate another Serbine figure if he gained power, not mollissovitch. Furthermore, than the plan did not involve anything about using flashlights. Further evidence discrediting Thomlinson's claims were found in drafts of a book he was writing about his time and Mi six before he was jailed at ninety eight for preaching the Official Secrets Act. The draft dating from ninety six, preferred to the memo, contain none of the detail, but a stage car crash from flashlights and a tunnel. The inquest was later told by an anonymous and my six manager that am I six was not keeping any file on either the prince, the princess or Doughty, that there was no plan involving them. The inquiry concluded by dismissing Thomlinson's claims as an embellishment. It went on to comment that this embellishment was largely responsible for giving rise to theories Diana was married or murdered. Excuse me, not married. Thomlinson was arrested by French authorities in July of two thousand and six as part of their inquiry into the death of Diana French police were also reported to have these computer files and personal papers from his home in cans. Now we're going to take a closer look at Doty Fayette. One of the main motives which I've been advanced for allegend murder include suggestions Diana was pregnant but doty, if I had to child, and the couple was...

...about to get engaged. The alleged dislike of the idea of a non Christian within the British Royal Family meant such a relationship between the mother of the future king and an Egyptian Muslim would not be tolerated. In Muhammad Alfa Ad's view, which he repeated in court of the inquest in February, two thousand and eight Prince Philip, the Prince Wales, Diana's sister, Lady Sarah, and numerous others were all involved in a plot to kill the princess and her son, Jeffrey Steinberger. The Executive Intelligence Review of publication in the American London, the Roach Movement has also put forward theories at the Princess of Wales was murdered by the security services under the instructions of Prince Film. An article in the Daily Telegraph in One thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, reporting the eire conspiracy theories alleged earlier links between the ear and Al Fayette, and while Francis Wayne reported the following year that Alpha had spokesman had advised journalistic contact Steinberg, Al Fay had made the assertion and television and interviews that the couple were going to announce their engagement on the Monday after the crash, September one. One thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. Operation paget comments in an announcement of such magnitude from the Princess of Wales would have been a substantial media event worldwide interest and would have required significant preparation. No evidence was found at any such preparation have been made. Ce CCTV, excuse me. Evidence shown at the inquest indicates that doaty left Alberto or Posse Jeweler's on August thirty with nothing more than a catal on the store said in two thousand and three that the ring had been placed on Yana's finger in a St Tropez hotel well was being resized for future collection of Paris, but later admitted to writer Martin Gregory that he had received a legal papers from Alpha I had a client for more than twenty years. Alfa D said the couple chose the ring in Monte Carlo and doughty had picked it up in Paris the day before he died, after it had been altered. This statement of Alf I had was contradicted by the statements of Claude Roulette, a shop assistant, in the CCTV footage. A CCTV recording demonstrated a ring had been selected by our Ritz Hotel official. It was bought by Muhammad Alfa I ad after the couple's death. A few hours before the crash, on the afternoon of Augustia, Diana's journalist friend, Richard Ka, received a call on his mobile phone from Dian and which she asked by was likely to appear in the following days Sunday papers. A bear. During this call she made no mention of the any announcement of any am now, but she insteadn't make more revealing was the statement given by Diana's eldest sister, Lady Sarah puticified that in a phone conversation with Diana on Friday August twenty nine, Diana spoke about Doughty fiette and I'm meeting. That gave her sister the impression the relationship was on Stony Grande. Statements from other friends and confidants Diana spoke to in the week before death, including her butler, her friend Lady Annabelle Goldsmith and her spiritual adviser, rider rodgers, were unanimous that she was firm about not wanting to get engaged or married to anyone at that point in her life. A week before she died, the princess had told Goldsmith I need marriage like a rash on my face. Diana's former private secretary, Patrick Sheepston, said to the BBC and reaction to the publication of the Operation Patrick Report in December two thousand and six that our facial expression, expression and CCTV footage of her at the parents rits on her final evening with doughty fide was one she would wear when she was disgruntled with a situation. However, CCT images, at least on October six, taken just minutes before their death, show a relaxed Diana doughty affectionately holding hands and inquiry witness was, as not con Muslim heart surgeon of Pakistani origin based in London, who had a relationship with Diana for...

...two years. Diana had explored the possibility of marriage with him. This had been met with no opposition from the royal family. Prince Charles had given his blessing. Con stated that he had received some races hate male for members of the public because of the relationship, but had no reason to take what was said in this hate meals mail seriously. He also stated that he felt the relationship was not opposed by the royal family or any other branch the British government, including the security services. Paul Burrell stated that Diana was still not over her break up with Cohn at the time of her death. was also pointed out that Doughtie and in and only met just under seven weeks before the crash at all. Fi had the villa and St Trepez on July fourteen, meaning there were only forty seven days from their first meeting until the nine of the crash. Of those days, their schedules permitted them to be together for an absolute maximum of thirty five days. From the analysis of Diana's actual movements, it is likely they had spent approximately twenty three days together before the crash. John McNamara, a former senior detective at Scotland Yard, headed Al Fay it's own investigation for five years from one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. Cross examined at the inquest on February fourteen, he conceded that he had found no evidence of a criminal conspiracy to kill the press princess or that she was engaged or pregnant at the time of her death, apart from the claims Alfa and had related to him. And now we're going to take a closer look at the potential pregnancy swirling around in this conspiracy. In January two thousand and four the form former corner of the Queen's Household, Dr John Burton, said in an interview at the Times maybe intended a post mortem examination the princess body, a full and mortuary where you personally examined her womb and found her not to be pregnant in an effort to examine it assertions made by Alpha D. Yeah, operation paget had scientific tests carried out a pre transfusion blood found in the footwell and to seat the right Mercedes Princess Wales occupied of the time of the crash. This blood was found to have no trace of the HCG hormone associated with pregnancy. The inquiry also extensively interviewed friends with Diana who are in close contact with her in the weeks leading up to her death. The evidence obtained from these witnesses was of a very sensitive nature. Most of it was not included on operation paget's Criminal Investigation Report Library. It was reported that friends said she was in her normal menstrual cycle and there was evidence she was using contraception. Alf I D's persistence and ascerning Diana was pregnant, let him to get members of his staff to tell the media that on their final day together, and Diana and his son visited a villa he owned in Paris to choose a room quote for the baby. While the couple had indeed visited the villa, the circumstances of the visit were exaggerated to say it had. It lasted two hours and then it was in the presence of a prominent Italian interior designer. Security Guard at the villa, Reuben Merle, felt uncomfortable lying about the matter and sold his story to the Sun, stating that the visit lasted just under thirty minutes. It was not in the company of any interior designer, who provided stills from the CCTV to prove that is. In said he had been in the presence of Diana and Doughtie for the entirety of their visit, with their having been no conversation about them coming to live at a villa. He later resigned from Alphayette's appointment and initiated an amployment tribunal for constructive dismissal after Alf I had successfully sued him for preach a contract because of the cect images he supplied the sun. Senior members of the staff made derogatory comments about Morrell and Trevor Rees Jones in their statements to operation paget. In two thousand and four a channel for documentary that Diana conspiracy, claimed that the Butler of the villa who, in June one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, interview with the ITV Documentary Diana secrets behind the crash, claimed to have shown the couple around, with their intent being to live there. Was Not even president at the...

...villa on the day as he was on vacation. Alpha I had first claim that the Princess of Wales was pregnant at the time of her death to Daily Express and may twenty two thousand and one quote, if it is true its names, that he sat upon this information for three and a half years, Scott Baker said, and now we're going to take a closer look at the CCTV images. The absence of CCT images showing the Mercedes journey from the hotel of the crash site has been frequently cited as evidence of an organized conspiracy. According to the Independent newspaper, in two thousand and six there were more than fourteen CCTV cameras and the pomp the l Alma underpass the nonrecorded footage of the fail crash. Judge Stefan was appointed as an examining manistrate in this case on September two one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. On that day, by judicial order, he test the brigade criminal with identifying all video photographic images along the round taken by the Miss Mercedes. Tenant Eric, who of the Brigade Criminal, let the team that carried out the work initially by retracing the route several times. The drawing up a list of possible locations is richport showed that the team identified ten locations of CCTV cameras. None of these had any images relevant to the inquiry, since they were principally security cameras facing the entrances to buildings. Most of the cameras were not maintained by the city of Paris. The owners of the buildings to which they were attached operated them privately. There was a traffic monitoring camera above the underpass and the place stay Alma itself. This was under the control of I'm not even going to pronounce it, but Paris Urban Traffic Unit. That department closed down in about eleven PM and had no night duty staff. It made no recordings. Officers in the police headquarters information in command center could continue to view the pictures shown by the traffic camera in real time, but could not control it. The subject of the CCTV cameras is dealt with and chapter five, the Operation Patch of report. was also found that a photograph that was published in a book by David Cohen, Diana and death, of the of a goddess and captioned as having been taken just before the car entered the tunnel, was in fact taken by a photographer as a current left the back of the Paris, rits. And now we're going to look at the controversial seat belt issue. There was some media discussion in two thousand and six suggesting that Diana was a faithful seat belt user and therefore the fact that both her and dode seat belts either failed or, we're not used with sinister it might suggest sabotage. Her sister and Lady Sarah, later said that Diane, a quote, was religious and putting on her seatbelt. Other sources question if she did in fact use her seat belt all the time, as was suggested. What is certain is that she was not wearing a seat belt and this made things worse. We'd like to think if she had been wearing a seat belt, we'd have been able to save her, said Professor Andrea Lenhart, who review the emergency services response for the French government investigation of the incident. CNN did an analysis of the crash in early September on Nin hundred and ninety seven and concluded that inquiries would have been minor had occupants been wearing seat belts. The conclusions were provisional, owing to limited data about the specific Mercedes model, as a limo was not sold in the US. Analysis the wreckage of the car after its repatriation to England into that five by a forensic accident investigator from the train and Support Research Laboratory of thirty five years experience on behalf of Operation Padget, found that all the seat belts were in good working order except for the right very one, which was attached to...

...the seat Diana occupied. Follow up inquiries with French investigators found that they had declared all the seat belts operational and examination in October ninety eight, suggesting the damage the the seat belt, took place after the crash. The British inquest verdict explicitly stated that the lack of sea belts had caused or contributed to the deaths of both doty and Diana. Now let's talk about the ride of the hospital. The first call to the emergency services which board was longed at twenty six am. S Amu ambuyance carrying the princess arrived at the hospital at two hundred and six am. The length of time has prompted many conspiracy related comments. The period between the crash and the arrival at the hospital takes an account the following the time taken for emergency services to arrive, time is taken by the fire service to remove Diana from the damage car, and then actual journey time from the crash site hospital, police officers, Sebastian Dorsy and Leno Guy, the Dorney, or the first emergency officials, to rive at the scene, at around thirty am. Sergeants Xivier Carmelone and bill the lawyer of a supper pompy airs arrived at around twelve thirty two am. Dr Jean Mark Aren't Aio, a specialist in in esthesis and intensive care treatment, and the doctor in charge of the s a Amu ambulance arrived at around forty am. Diana was removed from the car. Twenty minutes later, at one am. She then went into cardiac arrest. Following sternal cardio pulmonary resuscitation, her heart started beating again. She was moved to the ambulance at one hundred and eighteen am and a one hundred and forty one the ambulance the part of the crash scene and arrived at the hospital at two go six am, a journey of approximately twenty six minutes. Then we're going to look at the bodies and Balming. Muhammad Alf I had alleged that Diana's body was deliberately embalmed shortly after her death to ensure that any pregnancy test that the post mortem would produce a false resown operation paget found in August thirty first nineteen, seventy one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. Excuse me, the very hot day in Paris, Diana's body had been stored in an empty room adjacent to the emergency room where she had been treated at the hospital, as a mortuary was on the other side of the hospital grounds, some distance away. Dry and ice and air conditioning units were placed in the room to keep it cool, but it appeared to have little success. Diana's two sisters and prince journals were scheduled to be the body later that afternoon. Before bringing you back to the UK, President Shock Sharak and his wife also wished to pay the respects this mentor was very little time to prepare the body from viewing and it was deemed unacceptable to present Diana's body to her family and the president of France in the state it was in. Faced with this situation, the hospital staff decided to press ahead with evolving with only verbal authority from Madame Martine way on the local superintendent of Police, who assured Jean Montsue that quote, that everything would be in order. Under French law, paperwork must be completed before undertaking the embalming of any corpse likely to be subject to a post mortem. This paperwork was completed, but only after the embalming have been carried out, giving rise to alligations suspicious circumstances. The alligations were made despite there being no way to hospital staff could have known whether or not Diana was pregnant, as a pregnancy test would have been irrelevant to her postcrash treatment and accordingly was not carried out. So's her car crash a...

...conspiracy to murder her or not? Let us know on twitter, CTC podcast one, or you can leave a comment on facebook. Connect the conspiracy. Let us know your thoughts and, as always, if you want to support the show, you can buy me a coffee. Buy me a COFFEECOM CTC podcast. Your support helps the channel grow upgrade are equipment, bring a new host, bring a new writers. As always, thank you so much for listening and we'll see you next time. You've been watching. Connect the conspiracy with your host letter release follow us on twitter at CTC podcast one and on facebookcom slash connect the conspiracy. You can also find us on instagram at connect the conspiracy. If you like, you can support the show by buying us a coffee at buy me a coffeecom CTC podcast. Thank you for joining us.

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