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Connect The Conspiracy

Episode · 10 months ago

The Bohemian Grove


The Bohemian Grove is a secret club whose members include some of America's most influential men ranging from presidents, business leaders and journalists. This week we dive into this secret club and unravel the mystery of The Bohemian Grove.


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So when you're a new pop a podcaster or existing broadcastering look and grow your audience or get more engagement, you're going to want to check out pot dexcom and use a code Larry Twenty one, four time percent off your first order. And if you want to see ponds and action, we created a video using pod decks. You can check it out up right up here and check them out today and now onto he mean grow. Conspiracy is part of our culture. Sometimes it is mere imagination and some times of conspiracy is so deep that it makes... even hard to track down. The fact is, we its humans, try to connect to thoughts and make sense of everything. I'm your host and I'm here to help you find details about conspiracy theories. Well, having good time today, connect and discuss it in depthtop topics. Follow the pain podcast on social media. It's CTC podcast one, and send us to your comments. Let's get into it, and before we do, don't forget to hit that subscribe button. Give us a thumbs up. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and always subscribe and hit that bell notification. So let's dive right into it. Show we the tradition of a summer encampment was established six years after the Bohemian Club was formed in one thousand eight hundred and seventy two, Henry Harry Edwards, stage actor and founding member, announced that he was relocating to New York City city to further his career. On June twenty ninth, eighteen seventy eight, somewhat fewer than one hundred Bohemians gathered in the redwoods and Marion County, near Taylorville for evening send off Party and Edwards honor for you. Flowing liquor and some Japanese lanterns put a glow on the festivities and club members retired at a late hour to the modest comfort of blankets laid on the dense man of redwood. Needless, fect festive gathering was repeated the next year without Edwards, and became the Club's yearly encampment. By eighteen eighty two, the members of the club camped together at various locations in both Marin and Sonoma county, including the present day mirror woods in a redwood grove that once stood near Duncan's mills, several miles down the Russian river from the current location. From eighteen ninety three Bohemians rented the current location and in eighteen ninety nine purchased it from Melvine Cyrus Meeker, though it developed a successful wogging operation in the area. Gradually, over the next decades, members of the club purchase lands surrounding the original location to the perimeter of the basin in which... resides. Writer in Journalist, William Henry Irwin, said of the Grove, quote you come upon it suddenly, one step and its glory is over you. There's no perspective. You cannot get far enough away from one of the trees to see it as a whole. There they stay in a world of height above you. Their pinnacles, hidden by their topmost fringes of branches are lost in the sky. Not long after the club's establishment by newspaper journalists, it was commandeered by prominent San Francisco based businessman who provided the financial resource that's necessary to acquire further land and facilities at the Grove. However, they still retain the Bohemians, artists and musicians who continue to entertain international members and guests. The Beg Evening Club is a private club. Only active members and their guests may visit. Guests have been known to include politicians and notable figures from other countries, particularly during the midsummer encampment the number of guests is strictly limited due to the small size of the facilities. Camp ballets are responsible for the operation of the individual camps. The head Baldy are a can general managers and resort, Club, restaurant or hotel service staff include female workers, whose presence at the Grove is limited to daylight hours. In central areas close to the main gate. Mail workers maybe a housed at the grove, within the boundaries of the camp to which they are assigned or in peripheral service areas. High status workers stay in small private quarters, but most are housed in rustic bunkhouses. The main encampment area consists of a hundred sixty acres of old growth redwood trees over onezero years old, some over three hundred feet tall. The main activity at the grove is buried entertainment and munch. All members participate on a grand main stage and a smaller, more intimate stage. The majority of common facilities are entertainment venues. Steep sleeping quarters or camps are scattered throughout the Grove. There were a hundred and eighteen of them, as are twenty two...

...thousand and seven. These camps, which are frequently patrillineal are the principal means through which high level businesses and political contacts and friendships are formed. The Pre eminute camps are he'll billy's mandally, caveman, stowaway uplifters, owls and nest hideaway isle of Abes, Lost Angels, Civilverado squatters. He'll sign on a wild subarbarians. Each camp has a captain. In one of his many jobs is it's upkeep. Many locals, Sonoma county contractors who performed a variety test at these camps and have colder, requested work simple and e go friendly. The central spaces for recreation and entertainment are the Grove stage in amphitheater, with seating for two thousand, used primarily for the growth play production on the last weekend the midsummer in camp stage extends up the hillside and all also home to the second largest outdoor pipe organ in the world. Field Circle, a bowl shaped amphitheater used for the maide encampment, load jinks, musical comedy, for Spring Jinks in early June and for a variety of other performances. Campfire circle as a campfire pit in the center of the circle surrounded by carved redwood log benches used for smaller performances in a more intimate setting. Museum stage, a semi outdoor venue with a covered stage lectures and small ensemble performances. Dining circle seeming approximate oneus five hundred diners simultaneously. Clubhouse design by Bernard Maybeck in one thousand nine hundred and three, completed a year following on a bluff overlooking the Russian river. It's a multi purpose dining, drinking and entertainment building the side of the Manhattan project planning meaning called the nineteen forty two, the owl shrine in the lake, an artificial lake, and the interior the Grove used for the noontime concerts and also the venue of the cremation of care which takes place...

...on the first Saturday, and the encampment. It's also the location of the Thirty PM daily like side talks, the significant and formal talks, many on public policy issues have been given over the years by entertainers, professors, astronauts, business leaders, cabinet officers, Central Intelligence Agency directors, future presidents and former presidents. Now you would think a secret group such as a blaming Grove would have security in you would be right. The payment in grow of is protected by sophisticated security team year round. The BEHAMIAN club employees ex military personnel. They help secure the area. The utilize high end security equipment including thermal night vision cameras, motion to detectors and vibration sensing alarm systems. The level of security is particularly heightened during the time periods that members are on site. During these times, the local shares office, California Highway Patrol and, if warranted by the guest list, the US Secret Service helped to secure the areas and roads surrounding the encampment. In two thousand nineteen, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and perform the club that two thousand and nineteen would be the last year they provide law enforcement security. Despite the high level of security present, there have been numerous high profile, successful and infiltrations of the Bohemian Grove. In the summer of of nineteen eighty, Rick Kloger gained entrance to the grove with the help of an employee imposed as a worker during two weekends of the annual encampment. His efforts the first magazine reporting from inside the Grove was published in August nineteen eighty one issue of Munder Jones. Around the same time, ABC Evening News are in a special report on Bohemian Grove. The summer in nineteen eighty nine, spy magazine writer Philip we spent seven days in the camp posing as a guest, which lay to is November nineteen eighty nine article inside...

...the Bohemian Grove. He was eventually discovered and arrested for trespassing. On July fifteen two thousand, probably the most infamous infiltration, Alex Jones and his camera may Mike Hanson, candestinely entered Bohemian growth and shot footage of the cremation of cares ceremony. Jones claimed it was a ritual sacrifice. From this footage, documentary film maker John Watson produced the episode Satanic Shadow Eel late, in which he characterizes the proceedings as an overgrown Frat party, while Jones produced dark secrets inside Bohemian Grove, describing what he thought were satanic rituals. On January nineteen two thousand and two, thirty seven year old Richard Kasline was arrested after his nighttime infiltration of Bohemian Grove, where he set several fires. He was a heavily armed and wearing a skullmask and outfit with Phantom Patriot written across his chest. No Bohemian Club members were more graphs were present at the club at the Grove at the time. The club's patron saint is John of apologies, Nepo Muck, who, according to legend, suffered death at the hands of a Bohemian monarch rather than disclose the confessional secrets of the Queen. A large wood carving of St John and Claire Grooves, with his index finger over his lips, stands at the shore of the lake in the grove, symbolizing the secrecy kept by the groves. Attendees to ount its long history. Since the founding of the club, the groves mascot has been an owl, symbolizing wisdom. At thirty foot how hollow OWL statue made of concrete over steel supports stands at the head of the lake in the Grove. The statue was designed by sculptor and two time club President Hague package and it was constructed in the late s. Since nineteen twenty nine, the owl shrine has served as the backdrop of the yearly cremation of care ceremony. Now, after mentioning the cremation of care,... ceremony, you may be wondering what it is. Well, I'm glad you asked. Cremation of care ceremony is a theatrical production in which some of the club members participate as actors. It was first conducted in eighteendred and eighty one is. The production was devised by James F Bowman, with George T probably playing the high priest. It was originally set up within the plot of the series high jinks dramatic performance on the first weekend of the summer encampment, after which the spirit of care, slain by the jinks hero this solemnly cremated. The ceremony served as a Catharsis for pent up high spirits into symbolically present the salvation of the treaties by the club. The cremation of care was separated from the other grove places nine hundred thirteen and moved to the first night to become an exercizing the demon. To ensure the success of the ensuing two weeks, the Grove play was moved to the last weekend of the encamp the ceremony takes place in front of the OWL shrine. The Moss and Lifton covered statue simulates a natural rock formation. It holds electrical and audio equipment within it. For many years a recording the voice of club member Walter Crok a was used as the voice of the owl during the ceremony. Music and pyrotechniques of company the ritual for doramatic effect in the Grove play. Each year at Grove play performed is performed for one night during a final weekend of the summer encamp. The play is a large scale musical theatrical production, written composed by club members, involving some three hundred people court including chorus, cast, stage crew and orchestra. The first grove play was performed in nineteen and two, during the war years. Nineteen forty three, nineteen forty five, the stage was dark one nineteen seventy five, and observer estimated that the growth play costs between twenty thousand and thirty thousand, an amount that would be as high as a...

...hundred forty four thousand in today's dollars. Now, before we move on, we'd like to remind you of our sponsor, audible. Audible is the home of more than a hundred thousand audio books from a wide range of genres. You can check them out today and get a free trial. Thirty Day free child up at I will try oncom Larry Twenty one. Along with that free trial you get a free audio book of your choice which you can keep even when, after you, after you cancel your audible trial. That, again, is audible triy oncom Larry Twenty one. Checked them out today and now on to very intriguing discussion. One in the Grove, although known woman has ever been good in full membershipped in the Mehemian Club. The for female honorary members were hostess Margaret Bowman, poet in a cool breath. Who served it? Who served, excuse me, as Librarian for the club, actress Elizabeth Kroger's Bowers, and writer Sarah Jane, a big cock. Since Colebra's death in nineteen twenty eight, no other woman has been made a member. These honorary members. Other female guests have been allowed into the Binnian city club building and his daytime guests of the Grove, but not to the upper floors of the city club, nor is guests to the main summering. Came in at the Grove. Annual Ladies Jinks were held at the club, especially for spouses and invited guests. In one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight the Behemian club was charged with discrimination by the California Department of Fair Employment and housing over its refuse all to hire female employee. In January nineteen eighty one, and administrate of a law judge issued a decision supporting the practices of the club. Learning the club members of the Grove ure innate in the open without even the use of rude meritary toilet facilities. The presence of females would alter club members behavior.

However, the judges decision was overruled by the State Fair Employment and Housing Commission, which, on October Seventeenth nineteen eighty one, ordered the club to begin recruiting and hiring women as employees. The Bohemian Club then filed a petition in California Superior Court, which ruled in favor of the club, finding the quote the male gender to be a bona fide occupational qualification, which revealed that the trial judge had previously participated in club activities. Yet the request that he be disqualified was denied. The fair employment and Housing Commission appealed to the California Court of Appeal, which reverse the Lord curds decision, holding the Bohemian Club's private status did not shield it from the same rules which governed all California employers. The Supreme Court of California did not review in nineteen eighty seven, effectively forcing the club to begin hiring female workers during the summer encampment at the Grove and Monte Rio. This ruling became quoted as a legal president was discussed during the nineteen ninety five. At nineteen ninety six, Florid debate surrounding California Center Bill Spe and ten proposed bill know concerning whether tax exempt organizations, including fraternal clubs, should be exemple for the UNRUE Siml Rights Act. In two thousand and nineteen sit on the county board of Supervisors, member Lynda Hopkins, who was elected to the district comes using the grove, wrote an open letter to criticizing the role but he mean club had and making it difficult for women to get into politics, their lack of investment that community, despite members personal wealth. In the NACHRONISTIC and hegemonic attitude she felt described the growth is a conspiracy or not? Leave me some comments and messages on twitter, CTC podcast one, or connect the conspiracy on instagram or facebook and leave acoming comments section below.

And before we go, we'd actually like to begin a segment using the pot deckx APP in their conspiracy theory deck, which is avail. Want Pot DEX APP on android or Ios ICES. Today's question is, do you think Jeffrey Epstein killed himself or was murdered? Honestly, I think he was murdered because he knew way too much stuff and all the people he could have brought down if he made like a plea deal or anything, he could have brought so many people down. I mean, if it was true, you know Clinton, trump, financial icons, business leaders, industry leaders. He could have taken down a lot of people if he started talking. So I think he was murdered and in all looks fishy when they say how he committed suicide. The cameras were not working. He was loveding to sell alone at the right time when a is think it was his cell mate, was being transferred, so we didn't have anybody in the room. Yeah, this whole time. I think he was murdered, but let us know what you think. was He murdered or was it suicide? Let's know the comment section below. As always, thank you so much for listening and watching and if you want to support the show, you can buy me a coffee and buy me a coffeecom slash CTCC podcast. That's CTC podcast. Your support helps the channel grow and thank you so much and we'll see you next week. You've been watching connect the conspiracy with your host literally. Follow us on twitter at CTC podcast one and on facebookcom slash connect the conspiracy. You can also find us on instagram at connect the conspiracy. If you like, you can support the show... buying us a coffee at buy me a coffeecom CTC podcast. Thank you for joining us.

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