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Connect The Conspiracy

Episode 12 · 6 months ago

The Georgia Guidestones: Are They A Manual for Those After the Apocalypse


This month on Connect The Conspiracy podcast, we dive into the strange and ever so popular Georgia Guidestones. In Elbert County, Georgia, United States, there are five granite pillars under a slab, 5.87 meters tall. They are astronomically aligned and have inscriptions in English, Spanish, Swali, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

Weighing 237,746 pounds in total, the monument is called the Georgia Guidestones, according to a plaque positioned a short distance from the base of the structure. It became very popular over the years due to conspiracy theories, and it became known as “American Stonehenge”. However, instead of the aura of mystery surrounding the real Stonehenge, the Georgia Stones cause some people a mixture of revulsion, fear, and fascination all together. The mix of feelings is because the monument was built for when the Apocalypse happens.


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to connect the conspiracy, where we break down some of the world's infamous conspiracy theories and try to separate fact from fiction. In Ilbert County,...

Georgia, United States, there are five granded pillars under this lap, five point eight seven meters tall. They're astronomically aligned and having inscriptions and English, Spanish, Swan, healy, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Welcome to connect the conspiracy. I'm your host. Release today you were diving into the mysterious Georgia guidestones. First one. I can think our sponsor pun days for sponsoring this episode. Pod decks are unique tool to help grow and your podcast reach more audience. Check them out to Theay a pot dexcom. He's the Promo Code Larry Twenty one four ten percent off your order. And now onto our topic for the week. Weighing two hundred thirty seven thousand seven hundred forty six pounds in total, the monument is called the Georgia guide stones, according to a plaque, position to short distance from the base of the structure, became very popular over the years due to conspiracy theories,...

...and it became known as American stonehenge. However, instead of the aura of mystery surrounding the real stonehenge, the George's guide stones because some people a mixture of revulsion, fear and fascination all together. The mix of feelings is because the monument was built for when the apocalypse happens. And all started with a man named Robert Christian, but that wasn't his real name and no one ever discovered his true identity, which begins to show us that a conspiracy might be uppy behind it. Behind it all, I should say, it was a Friday in June, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine when you walked into the office of Alberton Granite Finishing, a famous granite factory in Elbert County. Christian spoke to Joe Finley, the company's president, said he was the representative of an anonymous group of, quote, Loy all, Americans who had been secretly the planning a Stone Monument for twenty years. Courting to Christian, the... had chosen grantite finishing because it had the best product on earth. Cutting to the chase, the mystery man revealed that destructure would serve as a sort of compass, calendar and clock and that needed to be resistant enough to any kind of catastrophic event. He delivered a ten page manual very complex specifications on how the stone should be made. The development would be built on a to heck there plot of land on Wayne molinix's farm, which the group would purchase once a deal is closed. The site is in an ad altitude of two hundred and thirty meters above sea level and fourteen kilometers in north of the city center of Elberton. Finlay found the project lunatic, so he decided to discourage the man by presenting exorbitant prices, putting his own commission, much higher than any project that company has ever done. Amazingly, Christian said he would pay whatever amount it was. When asked by the businessman why all that, Christian revealed that he needed the stone so that civilization could restore itself after the apocalypse...

...that would happen in an undetermined future. He believed that the human race would take earth to the extreme, so the end of the world would be the only solution. The stones would be there to provide the instructions needed to blossom into a better next generation. As soon as the payment was made and began building it, Robert Christensen, or Christian, excuse me, walked out of the company and announced the Finlay quote. You'll never see me again. And so what happened? On March twenty two, one thousand nine hundred and eighty, the Georgia guide stones were completed. In the public was faced with the quote ten commandments for a new order, a series of instructions written along the stones that were interpreted by many is filled with eugenics from the races, population control and internationalism. According to the beliefs of the monument's creators, the new civilation, civilization that we'd be born from, the apocalypse would need to follow allow the following commandments so that would not fall into misery and destruction again.

Number one, keep humanity below five hundred million inhabitants and an imperpetual balance with nature. Number two, conduct a breeding wisely improving physical fitness and diversity. Number three, unite humanity through a new living language. Number for, control passion, faith, tradition and all things with moderate reason. Number Five, protect people in nations with fair laws in courts. Number six, allow all nations to regulate themselves internally, resolving external disputes in a single world court. Number seven, avoid an insignificant laws and unnecessary government officials. Number Eight, balancing personal rights with social duties. Number Nine, baluting truth, beauty and love, seeking harmony with the infinite. Number ten, not being at cancer on the Earth, leaving room for nature. The stones came under harsh criticism,...

...most notably for the local minister, James Trevinstead, who said that many occult groups would cluster around the monument and that's some sort of human sacrifice and still be done on the site soon. The stones were later dubbed the Ten Commandments of the Anti Christ. Over the years, a large wave of supporters has emerged, but opponents still stand firm, so much so that the words death to the New World Order were spray painted in two thousand and nine and one of the stones, configuring the first serious act of vandalism since its creation. The monument is still a target of conspiracy theories, attacks and worship by extremist groups, but it is considered a landmark in US history, despite many finding it outrageous. In any case, the stones are still there, imposing waiting the pocalypse. Is it a conspiracy or not? Let us know in the common section below or on twitter, facebook or instagram. Give me some comments and messages at CTC podcast one and let's discuss it. There's a topic... want to hear about, let me know and I'll come up with an episode about it without holding you for longer. Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcast platform and we'll see you next time. You've been watching to connect the conspiracy podcast with williary lease. Find us on twitter at CTC podcast one or on facebook and connect the conspiracy support the show by buying as a coffee and buy me a coffeecom CTC podcast. Thank you so much, and we will see you next time,.

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